About the Natural Sciences Learning Center

The NSLC is a study center for A & S students. It is located close to the Biology teaching laboratories and classrooms on the ground floor of the Life Sciences building. It includes a student lounge, a computer classroom, two conference rooms, and six multi-purpose rooms for TA's office hours, tutoring groups and studying. The Center is a "home base" for our freshman and sophomore students taking Bio 2960 (Principles of Biology I), and Bio 2970 (Principles of Biology II) but other students are welcome to use it. Biology labs takes precedence over all other uses of this lab. A user may be asked to give up his/her computer during these times.

Seats: 20 (OS 10.6 iMacs)

Equipment: Dataprojector and Printer. A document can only be printed from the iMacs in this lab. Black and white only, $0.04 for one-sided sheet and 0.06 for two-sided sheet ($0.03 per side).

Software: Adobe Reader, Adobe Shockwave Player, Apple iMovie, Apple iPhoto, Apple iTunes, Apple OSX, Apple Safrai, Apple iWorks, EndNote, FinchTV, Firefox, Gene Construction Kit, Gene Inpector, Google Chrome, Google Earth, ImageJ, Kaleidagraph, MacPyMOL, MatLab, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office 2011, Quicktime Player, Real Player, TextWrangler, and Virual Box.

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Monday - Thursday

9am to Midnight


9am to 6pm


12pm to 5pm


Noon to Midnight

Note: The NSLC Lab has reduced hours in the summer and when classes are not in session. It is closed on university holidays.

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