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Research Explorations in Genomics

A collaborative laboratory investigation of a problem in genomics, involving wet-lab generation of a large data set (finishing a genomic sequence) and computer analysis of the data. In spring '05 the research problem involved sequencing from a novel strain of Drosophila virilis, and comparison with D. melanogaster to discern patterns of genome organization related to control of gene expression. Other cases where finished and annotated sequence are of particular interest will be taken up in future years.


Sarah Elgin Ph.D., Department of Biology
Elaine Mardis Ph.D., Department of Genetics, Genome Sequencing Center
Jeremy Buhler Ph.D., Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Course Information

2005 General Course Information
2005 Schedule
2005 Research Problem
2005 Final Presentation and Written Report
2005 Assessment Questionaire

Student Presentations

Curriculum Guide (Now available at the GEP website)


Upon completion of the course, students provided Assessment by answering a questionaire about the organization of the course. They also reported on personal gains for a study comparing this research experience to a summer in the lab. A blank questionaire is available for download above.

2005 Student Responses

Selected Quotes from Students

"I loved this class because it allowed me to conduct novel research during the year, and to contribute novel information to the scientific community."

"This course gives students an in-depth and hands-on look at genomics you couldn't get anywhere else."

"I seriously think this should be the model for all biology courses."

"I gained so much confidence in using the tools available to me in genomics. I've already been able to apply the knowledge and skills I've gained in this course in independent research."