Biology 2960 Computer Laboratory

DNA Structure

This Jmol based tutorial is linked directly to the Living Figures/Structural Insights pages which are accessible from the companion website for the Biochemisty (6th Edition) text published by W.H. Freeman & Co.. Please wait until the molecule has been downloaded completely before viewing the animation.

For each page:
Bases, nucleosides, and nucleotides
(Questions 11 - 13)

Deoxyribose vs. ribose
Nucleoside vs. nucleotide
Forming a DNA strand
Base pairing and the DNA double helix
(Questions 14 - 16)

The GC basepair
The AT basepair
The DNA double helix (part 1)
The DNA double helix (part 2)
The DNA major and minor groove (part 1)
The DNA major and minor groove (part 2)

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