Analysis of Yeast Insert Sequences

  1. Open the NSLC Server Folder on the Desktop.
  2. Open the BIO 2960 Folder.
  3. Open the Yeast Sequence folder, your lab instructor will tell you what sequence to select.
  4. Double click on your sequence. This will open FinchTV, the DNA sequence viewing program.
  5. Under the Edit Menu select Select BLAST sequence-Nucleotide BLASTn or hold-down shift, apple, and "B". This will open the default internet browser, take you directly to the NCBI website (databases), and copy/paste your DNA sequence into the search window.
  6. In the Choose Search Set: Database, click on the button corresponding to "Others (nr etc)".
  7. Click on the button. Wait for the results of your search. BE PATIENT, THIS MAY TAKE A FEW MINUTES.
  8. Once you get the results of your BLAST search, look for a specific gene name from yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). A gene name usually consists of three letters followed by a number. Do not use an ORF number, a clone number or a chromosome number. You may need to click on the accession numbers on the left to find a gene name (Roman numeral).
  9. Once you have a gene name, click here. To get information about the specific gene, just type the gene name into the quick search box and click submit.
  10. Complete the questions in the lab report about the gene and gene product.