Human Karyotype Lab Exercise

WARNING: Read all of the directions before you start!

1. It is recommended that you use Mozilla Firefox in the NSLC computer lab to complete this exercise. Alternatively, this exercise has also been tested using Internet Explorer 5.2 and Netscape 7.2 (which are not available on the NSLC computers). This computer exercise does NOT work on the Mac OS X Safari browser.

2. Do not re-size or refresh (re-load) your web browser once you have started. Doing so will erase your work.

3. Type your name in the space provided and select your lab section.

4. Arrange the chromosomes. Click on a chromosome, hold the mouse button down, and drag the selected chromosome onto the karyotype form. Pay attention to chromosome size, centromere location, and banding patterns. Use Figure 3 on page 20 in the lab manual as a guide to help you with this exercise.

5. Based upon your karyotype, determine the patient's gender and the chromosomal abnormality of the patient. Refer to pages 188-208 in your Russell textbook for descriptions of the abnormalities.

6. At the completion of this exercise, print out your results as directed below.

Select a patient (below) to begin:

Patient A
Patient B
Patient C
Patient D

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